Book Order – Reseller

Service Overview

This service will create a book, from start to finish. We will consult, write, design, publish and market a book. This service only includes a press release about your book through


1. Process an order 

2. Fill out the “Book Entry Form”

3. Optional: Book a meeting to discuss further detail 

4. Our team reviews your requirements and created an initial draft.

5. Our Team begins drafting your Press Release, and book cover.

6. You revise and approve the book.

7. We publish on the selected sources

8. We publish your press release 

9. We perform on-page SEO.



  • Google Drive link to assets (book and cover photo).
  • Live URLs of published book and author urls
  • Press Release URLs


Timeframe is team work. If you respond swiftly with in-depth responses, a 1000 word book will have the following timeline:

  •  3 days – 10 days to create a draft
  • 1-5 weeks to fully publish (indexing and approval has a wait process)


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