Obtain an ISBN for Your Book

Service Summary

Our company offers a streamlined approach to acquiring an ISBN number for both your current and forthcoming books. As a unique identifier, an ISBN number simplifies the search and acquisition process for readers, bookstores, and libraries. By utilizing our service, you can elevate your work’s visibility and strengthen its position in the literary market.

While obtaining an ISBN number is not mandatory, it adds a professional touch to your book and enables a single, unique identifier to be used across various platforms selling your work.

For example, without an ISBN number, if you publish your book on both Amazon and Google, your book would end up with two separate identifiers for the same work. Google Books will assign its own version called a GGKEY, which can only be used within the Google platform. Similarly, Amazon will assign an ASIN, which is exclusive to their platform.

Nonetheless, both of these distributors accept ISBN numbers acquired through Hexa Book Services, streamlining the identification process across various platform


ISBN, ASIN, and GGKEY are unique identifiers used to catalogue and track books in various platforms. Here’s a brief comparison of each:

  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number): ISBN is a globally recognized unique identifier assigned to books, allowing for easy tracking, search, and acquisition across various platforms. ISBN numbers are issued by authorized agencies, and they help standardize the identification process for books in the publishing industry.

  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number): Amazon’s ASIN is a unique identifier assigned to products, including books, within the Amazon marketplace. While ASINs are exclusive to Amazon’s platform, the company also recognizes and accepts ISBNs for books. However, if a book does not have an ISBN, Amazon will assign an ASIN to it for tracking purposes within their ecosystem.

  • GGKEY (Google Books Key): GGKEY is an identifier assigned by Google to books within the Google Books platform. Similar to ASINs, GGKEYs are exclusive to the Google platform. If a book has an ISBN, Google Books will recognize and accept it, but for books without an ISBN, a GGKEY will be assigned for tracking purposes on Google Books.

In summary, while ISBN is a globally recognized and standardized unique identifier for books, ASIN and GGKEY are platform-specific identifiers used by Amazon and Google Books, respectively. Authors and publishers are encouraged to acquire an ISBN to ensure their books are easily identified and tracked across multiple platforms.

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier assigned to a book, which simplifies the search and acquisition process for readers, bookstores, and libraries. It helps differentiate your book from others and makes it more accessible across various platforms, adding a professional touch and increasing its visibility in the literary market.

The processing time for obtaining an ISBN can vary depending on the agency or service provider. With Hexa Book Services, we deliver ISBNs within 24 hours.

No, each edition of your book (e.g., revised, updated, translated) requires a separate ISBN to distinguish between the versions.

No, ISBNs are unique to each book and cannot be reused or transferred between different titles.

No, ISBNs are generally non-transferable as they are linked to the original author or publisher who obtained the number.

While not mandatory, having an ISBN for your self-published book adds a professional touch, increases visibility, and makes it easier for readers to find and purchase your work across various platforms.

At Hexa Book Services, you can buy a single ISBN or order in bulk, up to 500.

No, ISBNs do not expire and remain associated with your book indefinitely.

Yes, you can update or change the information linked to your ISBN by contacting Hexa Book Services.

While not mandatory, having an ISBN allows for a single unique identifier across various platforms, streamlining the identification process and increasing your book’s visibility.

An ISBN helps your book appear more professional, increases its visibility, and makes it easier for readers and retailers to find and order your work across various platforms.

Yes, you can still sell your book without an ISBN, but it may be more challenging for readers and retailers to find, order, and track your work.

Yes, ISBNs are internationally recognized, making your book easily identifiable and accessible worldwide.