In today’s busy, information-filled world, many of us spend the majority of our time and energy trying to get to the “next step”, without questioning what it’s all for. We strive for careers, salaries, and status, and neglect the core meaning behind our very existence, that is—our own purpose.Finding exactly what our purpose entails is not an overnight endeavor. It’s a lifetime exploration that combines our inherent values with our interests and passions. What we bring to the world and what we leave behind is derived from our consistent efforts towards the end goal.We focus so much on how we can satisfy one specific career, failing to realize that there can indeed, be several ways to become successful through different outlets. Success can mean many different things to different people. This book is not about how to become successful, more so than it is about how to pivot towards new types of frameworks that enable you to do what it is you’re actually passionate about.So many dream of getting out of the 9-5, but don’t know exactly how. In this case, the why precedes the how—once you establish a proper mindset, how to accomplish your vision will fall into place.Michael Peres is a serial entrepreneur that brings his wealth of experiences and setbacks in hopes of inspiring those that want to, but are hesitant to walk away from the jobs they’re not passionate about, to crafting work that is aligned with their visions and purpose.Think of this as the mental roadmap for getting out of the 9 to 5— with the outcome of doing the work that continuously inspires you for life.

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